#3 Episode: Exploring The Depth of Yoga with Geraldine Antoinette

In this episode I'm interviewing the wonderful Geraldine. Geraldine Antoinette is a Yoga Teacher and Fitness- & Foodblogger from Zurich. Her passion is to inspire and support people on their journey to a more balanced and healthier self. She recently also started her own Youtube channel.

Do you know the feeling, when you have 1 million things going on at the same time and you just feel so overwhelmed that you can't focus one clear thought? After moving to Zurich to do her masters degree in law, Geraldine had to adapt to a new city, make new friends, finish her degree and somehow keep a healthy work-life balance. Even though she had always been very active her whole life, doing track and field, running & snowboarding, she somehow wasn't able to free her mind anymore and found herself feeling more and more restless and overwhelmed.

By coincidence she visited a yoga class one day after practicing yoga on and off for years. But somehow this yoga class was different and something within her shifted. For the first time in a very long time she felt at peace. Calm. And in a wonderful state of bliss. A lot has changed since then. For the past year she has worked full time as a blogger, creating inspiring content, doing some amazing collaborations and she also became a yoga teacher.

"Yoga is a work in, not a work out."

In this podcast episode Geraldine will tell you more about:

  • Her view on yoga and how her practice impacted her life

  • Why everyone can benefit from a yoga teacher training

  • What she has learned through yoga

  • The power of words and their effect on you as well as others

  • How she became more compassionate

  • The importance of breath (work) and how once you calm your breath you also calm your thoughts

  • Her 2-5min morning routine that everyone can follow no matter how busy the schedule is

  • The secret to consistency

"Every word has an impact on you and also on others."

Geraldine is someone, that really walks the talk. She follows exactly what she preaches and that's what I admire so much about her! She is authentic and shares tips and tricks that everyone can incorporate into their life. No matter how busy they are.

I am very grateful to have had you on my podcast, thank you for your time! Check out her inspiring story here:


See more of Geraldine here

Instagram: @geraldine.antoinette

Youtube Chanel: Geraldine Antoinette Yoga

Website: www.geraldineantoinette.com

Facebook: @geraldineantoinette

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