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Two weeks ago I had the privilege to be interviewed by the wonderful Katie Wren from The Connection Club.

41min full of truth, honesty and real talk. I share 100% honestly how my childhood shaped me, how it has fucked me up in some ways and how I then eventually used it to create the best possible version of myself.

-> You can find the whole podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Music <-

Katie: "Have you ever tried to run away from home? 

It’s not just kids that try to run away – adults do it, too. We run away from ourselves, our problems, and our inner world. Eventually, we block enough out, we shut down, and we lose touch with ourselves. 

Done the right away, however, “running away” from home can actually provide a platform to reconnect with yourself. In this episode, my beautiful social media friend Danielle shares her experiences of running away to India and finding her true calling as a yoga teacher. Danielle is 24, lives in Zurich, and is a self-employed yoga teacher, health coach, and content creator. 

Danielle’s story is an emotional one. She shares her stories about the toxic patterns she noticed in her life, how she felt like she didn’t have any connection with herself or anyone around her, and how she finally found her true self once again. She found ways to empower herself, climb out of a pit of depression, and move forward from really painful situations. 

Danielle’s story is a powerful one, and she articulates every bit of her experience with wisdom beyond her years. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

How did you get to where you are today? (2:11)What made you have that realization that you were contributing toward some of the things happening in your life? (6:58)Tell us about your self-discovery process in India? (19:34)What are some healthy habits you’ve incorporated into your life that help you stay on track? (27:10)What’s happened since you returned home from India? (29:03)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

Why Danielle decided to spend a few months in India to connect back with herself. (8:40)Why people are afraid of journaling. (16:33)The importance of focusing on your strengths rather than just your weaknesses. (22:29)What makes yoga different from other forms of exercise. (32:27)How to connect back with yourself. (36:40)"

Thank you for listening to the episode. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on it. Please feel free to reach out and send me a message!

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