#1 Episode: Feminine Embodiment with Stephanie Engeli

In my very first episode of the Exploring With Danielle Podcast I'm interviewing the lovely Stephanie Engeli, a feminine embodiment mentor & women's coach. Her mission is to help women live a fully authentic and fulfilled life in their most radiant, feminine and magnetic embodiment as a woman.

A lot of women struggle to connect with their feminine energy. It should be easy to connect to it since we are women, right? But in reality that can become quite the challenge as we live in a male energy driven world. It is all about doing, competing, accomplishing, thinking, planning and delivering. We hardly create any space to be intuitive, creative, free without plans, sensual and raw - with whatever that means right in that specific moment.

“A lot of women who are go-getters, “I-get-shit-done” types, never feel fulfilled and happy because they live outside of their feminine nature.” - Stephanie.

To learn more about the feminine energy and why it is so important to have it in your life, I invited Stephanie to talk more about it. She is a true expert on feminine embodiment, sensual movement, manifestation and self-love. At the end of this post I'm also sharing Stephanie's embodiment & sensual dance playlist plus a short practice!

In this episode Stephanie will:

  • Explain how having the perfect childhood can still create underlying patterns that influence your life in an unwanted way.

  • Show you how you can discover where you have patterns & blockages

  • Teach you ways to get out of your head and into your body - the key to welcoming the feminine energy into your life!

  • Explain what happens, when you are not in your feminine energy & how it shows

  • Share her two biggest life lessons so far

“Whatever needs healing and is ready to be healed will come to the surface.” - Stephanie.

A 36min long podcast episode you should definitely not miss out on... ENJOY!

I loved having her on my podcast. Stephanie is truly a loving soul and I feel blessed to have her in my life. If you loved it as much as we did, feel free to share it and tag us on social media so we can read what you think about this episode.


Stephanie's Instagram: @stephaniecristinaengeli

Stephanie's Website: www.stephaniecristinaengeli.com

Embodiment & Sensual Playlist: Open Spotify

Short Video to feminine embodiment: Play Video

Upcoming events: Check them out

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