Abundance is not something we achieve, it is something we have within us. This bundle is designed to help you reconnect to that innate feeling of overflow.


The health boost blend nourishes and detoxifies your body and soul and the abundance blend brings you into the right feeling. The water set purifies your water. Palo santo clears the energy in the room.


Ingredients Abundance Blend

Hibiscus (Hibiskus), Nettle (Brennnesseln), Passion Flower (Passionsblume), St. Johns Wort (Johanniskraut), Chamomile (Kamille), Cinnamon (Zimt), Lemon Balm (Zitronenmelisse), Rosemary (Rosmarin)


Ingredients Health Boost Blend

Ginger (Ingwer), Nettle (Brennnesseln), Fennel Seeds (Fenchelsamen), Peppermint (Pfefferminze), Rosemary (Rosmarin), Thyme (Thymian)


Water Set with Shungit

Noble Shungit water has a detoxifying and purging effect. It purifies body and soul.


MA EARTH gets their wonderful & precious water sets from Mineralienzentrum, a family-operated business in Rheineck, Switzerland.


Teebag made of organic cotton

The gems are placed in an organic tea bag that you can use to brew your tea. Place on portion of tea inside the bag, place it in your cup and add the hot water. This tea bag can be used multiple times and can easily be washed (30 degrees).


Palo Santo

Through burning palo santo, a special shamanic wood, you can clear the negative energy in a room. No tree has been cut for this wood. Only wood found on the ground was used for this palo santo incense. 


All ingredients are organic - the packaging is sustainable.

Abundance Tea Set

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