Masterclass to learn the basics of the moon and your feminine energy

Our world is designed in a way where we mainly follow masculine structures and concepts. Our daily life follows strict rules and schedules. While living in these structures, for us women it's important to find a way to connect to our feminine energy. By doing this, we create a healthy balance between the feminine and the masculine, yin and yang.

What you will learn in this masterclass

The intention of this masterclass is to empower you in finding your own practices and ways of living in harmony with the different energies and cycles. In five modules, you will learn:

- the most important feminine practices to connect to your emotions and intuition

- about the moon, its cycles, the elements and how it affects our body and mind

- different journaling types that connect you with your subconscious and help you manifest your desires

- yoga practices and inner journeys to deeply connect with yourself

- how to apply the theory in your daily life in a way that matches your personal needs

- to understand when and why to use which practice and ritual

This masterclass contains several video and audio recordings, worksheets, educational content and a lot of useful bonus material.

What others say about our work

"Danielle and Elisa create a beautiful safe space where I felt like I could be myself, let go of old patterns and welcome new habits. They presented us with tools that allow us to connect our feminine energy and honor our intuition. I can’t wait to hopefully join more of their workshops with these beautiful women." - Tara

"Thank you for your workshop. I didn't know that there are different journaling types and how to use them. The tips and tricks were very valuable and I can't wait to try them. I'm sure that with this new knowledge I will have an easier time to journal in my everyday life." - Laura

"I wanted to thank you again for today’s workshop. It was amazing!!" - Angie

About your hosts

Danielle & Elisa have been doing several women's circles and workshops together. All the things they teach they also practice in their daily life. They can share a lot from experience and teach in a way that is easily understandable.

Moon Wisdom & Feminine Rituals - Masterclass

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