Self-Love is freedom. Allowing yourself to be who you truly are and above that adoring the person you are with all that belongs to it - is freeing. This self-love bundle contains 6 modules where we will dive deeper into the hidden spots that are blocking your radical self-love.


-- this is a pre-sale offer. The first module will be sent out on the 1st of July --



Why am I saying it like this? Because I felt trapped for years. I was always a bit chubby. Never "fat" but also not skinny. I really suffered a lot because of that. From 2016-2018 I started to eat healthier, workout a lot and lost a lot of weight. I was really skinny & fit. Looking back my body was really "perfect". Yet I remember how unhappy I was. I still thought I was chubby and didn't love my body at all. Even though I was living "healthy" (as per definition), I was not living healthy at all for my personal needs. I was constantly pushing, doing, achieving, controlling, "punishing" etc. I lived very much in the masculine energy. After 2 years (and many years before.. but that's another story) of survival mode & strongly masculine energy my body couldn't take it anymore. I developed hormonal imbalances and problems in my womb.



From 2018-2020 I gained about 30kg and fell in a deep whole of body shaming and hating how my body looked. Even though I was doing the same things that worked for me from 2016-2018, I was not losing any weight. Because no matter what science says about a healthy lifestyle, if your hormonal system is out of balance, it won't work. In 2020 I learned a lot about feminine energy & practices and restructured my business entirely. After a year of nourishing my body, releasing a lot of trauma and allowing myself to drop into my feminine essence, I was finally able to use all my knowledge & learnings. In 2021 I lost 10kg with fun and ease. Even though I still have about 20kg to go, I can honestly say: I f** love my body just the way it is! I have goals yes, but I fully embrace, accept & love myself NOW. This has changed everything for me. I really have never felt better in my body.



This self-love bundle is so close to my heart because I really know how much this topic can hurt. And I also know that this topic is way more complex than just "go take a bubble bath".


With this self-love bundle you will gain a lot of clarity on what has been holding you back & sabotaging you. You will uncover though patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You will deeply connect to yourself and your body and activate radical self-love. After this bundle you will be able to say: Heck yes! I love me just the way I am! I am freaking awesome!!! 



  • hard time to accept / love your body
  • not giving yourself enough "me-time" 
  • you need outside validation / approval & can't always listen to what feels right for YOU
  • unhealthy relationships
  • eating problems
  • poor communication & not being able to speak up for yourself
  • not being authentically you
  • you feel overwhelmed & stressed a lot
  • high level of perfectionism
  • you don't allow yourself to rest / feel bad when you take time off
  • your life doesn't feel joyful / isn't filled with a lot of pleasure
  • you play small & are afraid of stepping into your greatness
  • past experience still haunt you & you often have anxiety / overthink
  • you live by the standards of others instead of creating the life you desire
  • you are often afraid to follow your hearts decisions
  • you judge yourself / others harshly



    1. Body Positivity (topics: body ideals, jealousy, origin of problems / traumas)
    2. Forgiveness (topics: accepting your shadows, forgiving yourself & others, releasing traumas, healing from past events)
    3. Mindset Mastery (topics: limiting beliefs, fear, what is stopping you, thoughts that form actions)
    4. Rituals (topics: feminine energy, health, joy, self-love rituals)
    5. Frequency (topics: gratitude, chakras, the power of frequencies)
    6. Soul Calling (topics: purpose, what drives you, how to live your purpose, what do you want to do with your life)
    7. Bonus Module with surprises (e.g access to my private FB group)


    With this self-love bundle you have a great tool kit that will support you. This bundle is like a friend you can turn to, when you need guidance and a helping hand. You are such a wonderful being with an infinite source of gifts, talents & wisdom. It is my biggest heart desire to support & empower women so they can shine their light fully & have all the tools they need to live the life of their dreams. Every single soul is needed in this world. Every soul has a beautiful, powerful soul mission to fulfill.




    • Joanna, 1:1 coaching: "Danielle made me feel so comfortable in sharing my thoughts. She is also really great at holding space for me to share my inner thoughts on my issues around perfectionism. I was really surprised that I was able to access such deep insights within me. She taught me techniques to release my negative emotions around perfectionism and helped me step into the identity of a confident person.​She also provided great exercises to do after the session to foster a more confident me. Really grateful for the session with Danielle and I learned so much, especially around being guided by my body rather than my thoughts."


    • Tara, women's circle: "Danielle creates a beautiful safe space where I felt like I could be myself, let go of old patterns and welcome new habits. They presented us with tools that allow us to connect our feminine energy and honor our intuition. I can’t wait to hopefully join more of their workshops with these beautiful women."


    • Laura, workshops: "Wether it is great tips on a holistic lifestyle, relaxing, yoga or introducing me to great products.. I really enjoy working with Danielle. I love her authentic and very like-able and funny way. I learned a lot so far and will definitely continue to work with/ follower her in the future."

    Self-Love Online Course

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