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Heal Your Heart-Chakra - Yoga & Meditation

The heart is the center of our physical and spiritual being, and represents the central of our wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason. A closed or blocked heart chakra can cause a lack of self-love, compassion, connection and intuitive guidance.
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Heal Your Heart-Chakra - Yoga & Meditation

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05. Mai, 20:00 – 21:15 MESZ

Über die Veranstaltung

Real transformation starts from a place of self-love, not hate!

I said it a few times before, but how do you start reconnecting to your self-love, when you have a hard time feeling it? This workshop is dedicated to the center of our physical and spiritual being: Our heart. Through yoga, affirmations and meditation we will nourish our heart center and reconnect to our self-love. A disbalance of our heart chakra does not only cause problems on an energetical level, it can cause real, tangible issues in our physical body too.

A disbalanced heart chakra might look like:

  • shyness
  • lack of connection to your intuition
  • loneliness
  • anxiety / depression / depressed state
  • lack of compassion & empathy
  • disconnection from others & the world
  • co-dependency
  • jealousy
  • perfectionism and (too) high expectations of yourself and others
  • seeking for outside validation
  • not able to listen to your true desires / wishes
  • disconnection to your purpose / mission in life
  • problems with the heart or lunges
  • weak immune system
  • poor circulation / high or low blood pressure

Crazy.. What an disbalance of our heart chakra might cause right?

But lets focus on all the great things that are associated with a healthy, balanced heart chakra:

  • You make decisions based on love / hope not fear
  • You feel empowered and guided
  • You follow your intuition and receive clear guidance from your inner wisdom
  • You trust yourself & the universe
  • You know what actions support your well-being and your mission
  • You have a lot of compassion towards yourself & others
  • You have no need to be perfect or constantly hustling. You fully trust your strengths, actions and divine timing
  • You feel endless gratitude for yourself, others & the universe
  • You are able to enjoy your wins in life without constantly searching for another (outside) fulfillment
  • You need no validation from the outside to know, that you are following your purpose. You know that you are making decisions that are right for YOU.


During this workshop we will release blockages of our heart chakra and nourish it deeply. During 75min I will hold a sacred space for you to experience the beauty of your being, dive into self-love and relax deeply in the healing frequency of love. At the end of this workshop you will feel the love in every cell of your being. 

  • Heal Your Heart Chakra

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