So., 15. Nov. | Zoom Call

Returning To Your Inner Wisdom

Through gentle practices we will guide you to shed old layers so you can return to your innate feminine wisdom. The new moon invites us to connect even deeper with our intuition and inner guidance. Join us for this 2h online circle with like-minded women.
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Returning To Your Inner Wisdom

Zeit & Ort

15. Nov. 2020, 13:00 – 15:00
Zoom Call

Über die Veranstaltung


This women's circle is for you if you want to:

  • return to your inner wisdom
  • connect deeply to the new moon's energy & your intuition
  • stop doubting your own inner voice and start trusting your inner guidance
  • shed the layers that block the connection to your inner wisdom
  • learn simple tools & ways to reconnect to your body & innate wisdom
  • experience a healing circle among like-minded women

You already carry everything you need within you. But sometimes this soul deep connection can get blocked by old stories, layers & patterns. We will guide you through simple ways to listen to your heart & intuition more consciously. We will spend these two hours in an intimate circle of like-minded women, where it is safe for you to dive deep into your soul's desires and share from your heart. The focus for this new moon will be on coming home to yourself and listening to the voice within.

Elisa and Danielle are friends that love to grow and create together. They realized how powerful it is if you have someone in your life that holds space for you to explore, grow and listen to your inner voice. Now, they want to share this experience with you too. Create a safe space where women can share and grow together.

Elisa supports women to live in a more feminine way & to connect to their true purpose. She is a thought leader that loves to ignite curiosity in others. She is also a talented writer & language coach. 

Danielle loves to explore ancient wisdom and find ways to integrate it into today's world. She supports women to live in an holistic soulful way & to fully express their authentic self. She also works as a yoga teacher and is known for her calming & relaxing voice.

  • Women's Circle

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