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Self-Love Deep Dive

A lack of self-love can show in different ways and stop us from living the life we desire. In this 3 day challenge we will dive deeper into the topic of self-love and how you can embody self-love with every cell of your body.
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Self-Love Deep Dive

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08. Juni, 19:00 – 10. Juni, 23:00
Facebook Group

Über die Veranstaltung


This is a topic that is so close to my heart. Growing up in foster homes & families, self-love just wasn't something that came natural to me. For years, I felt miserable, was constantly overstepping my boundaries, wasn't able to listen to my inner voice, made unaligned decisions, drowned in feelings of shame, guilt & regret, had unhealthy relatationships, played small, had fear to show the real me, and most of all: Had serious physical / health related problems. A disbalance of our inner energies create a disbalance of our physical well-being too. I came a long way from unhappy & unfulfilled to where I am today.

From the moment I started my self-discovery & growth journey in 2015 I knew: With my learnings, lessons & knowledge I want to pave the way, so I can support women that are going through the same. Self-love is a topic with many layers. No matter where you are right now, you will be able to create great shifts & transformations with this free challenge.


  • hard time to accept / love your body
  • not giving yourself enough "me-time" 
  • you need outside validation / approval & can't always listen to what feels right for YOU
  • unhealthy relationships
  • eating problems
  • poor communication & not being able to speak up for yourself
  • not being authentically you
  • you feel overwhelmed & stressed a lot
  • high level of perfectionism
  • you don't allow yourself to rest / feel bad when you take time off
  • your life doesn't feel joyful / isn't filled with a lot of pleasure
  • you play small & are afraid of stepping into your greatness
  • past experience still haunt you & you often have anxiety / overthink
  • you live by the standards of others instead of creating the life you desire
  • you are often afraid to follow your hearts decisions
  • you judge yourself / others harshly

If some of this points resonate with you, this challenge is right for you! We will look at the underlying cause of all the issues mentioned above.


During 3 days we will create a safe, nourishing, uplifiting and inspiring container, where real transformation can take place. 

There is a main topic for each day:

  1. The past: Traumas & origin of the issues
  2. The present: Topic of guilt, shame & accepting your shadows to forgive yourself
  3. The future: Rituals to let go of the things detected in day 1 & 2, the power of frequency and how to transform darkness into light


  • Facebook group for 7 days (doors open one day before the challenge starts and stay open for 3 more days after the challenge ends, so you have enough time to go through the content)
  • I will go live every evening at 8pm Swiss time during the challenge (can be rewatched)
  • You will receive journaling prompts for every day
  • Everyone participating has the change to win really great gifts
  • Announcement of a special offer during the challenge with exclusive access for all participants

You are such a wonderful being with an infinite source of gifts, talents & wisdom. It is my biggest heart desire to support & empower women so they can shine their light fully & have all the tools they need to live the life of their dreams. Every single soul is needed in this world. Every soul has a beautiful, powerful soul mission to fulfill.

My intention for this free challenge is to create a safe space where you can create amazing transformations within a  group of supportive women aka sisters. If this is your intention too, I can't wait to see you inside this challenge!



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